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At Cork City Gaol

We had a visit recently from Mr. Daniel Breen, who is a historian. He told us all about the Cork City Gaol. He told us loads of interesting things. Then a few weeks later, we got a chance to visit the Gaol. We really loved going to Cork city Gaol where we saw the prison cells and learnt some more about the prisoners who used to be kept there. The wax figures looked like real people! 



Rang 1   2010-2011

 The Stormy Night

One dark and stormy night when I was walking along the road...

I saw a shadow.

I stopped suddenly and I heard a big noise.

The noise was getting louder.

I didn’t know what it was. Then I realised it was just a cat.

The cat walked over to me and then I heard the cat say something.

It said “Get out of here! It is too dangerous!”

Then it ran away.

I started running as fast as I could.

As I was running I saw a house far away. I ran to it and knocked on the door.

No-one came to the door but the door creaked open.

I jumped. I tip-toed inside, looking all around.

The house was old and seemed to be abandoned.

It was really dark but from the flashes of lightning I saw loads of spiders and cobwebs.

A mouse scurried across the floor.

The door closed with a big bang and I jumped again.

I went upstairs and as I opened the door to one of the rooms a bat flew out.

Then I saw a shadow at the bottom of the landing.

It was the shadow of a man and then I heard a voice.

The voice was very quiet and I couldn’t really hear what it said.

I heard footsteps and they were getting closer and closer.

I got the fright of my life and I screamed then everything went blurry and I fainted.

When I woke up I didn’t know where I was but I wasn’t in the house anymore.

I looked around and I was in a really old graveyard.

Suddenly, a hand came out from the grave.

A spirit rose from the dead.

I thought that I was dead.

It started to dance and sing Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’.

I realised it was Michael Jackson and it had been him all along.

He asked me if I wanted free tickets for his next show.

I woke up in my own bed and realised it was all a nightmare.

Welcome to First Class. We love being back in school. We are so busy as you can see from the picture below.


Fáilte go dtí Rang 1 2010/2011   








The many different faces of Rang 1   






Rang 1 Art Gallery   










In Autumn the leaves tumble down from the trees.

Pia wall shows us some of the art that we

did for the month of September.  








Ag foghlaim cúpla focal nu










Pointing out the work we did in our

Geography/S.P.H.E. class – ‘Our Birthdays on the Calendar’.   








Showing ourtrue colours in support of Cork  








Showing the Friendship Chain the class made together in S.P.H.E.  







Showing off out fab Autumn art work.   









A fab boat made from bone.  








Hard at work leraning his spellings – An-mhaith!  







Ag foghlaim an litriú nua!!    







Working hard on their 1st class maths.  










Pointing out our fab responses to Roald Dahl’s Revolting Rhymes. 

Helping Catriona to decorate the Christmas tree.

We did a Science experiment with Ms O’Flynn all about air. We learned that wind is moving

air and that air can move things. We blew through a straw and tried to move various objects.

We tried to move our Maths book but it wouldn’t move! We did move our pencils though!

Getting ready to blow!