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Some of the highlights of our school year!

Tom Crean

We have been learning about Tom Crean for the past month or so. He was an amazing man. We were so interested in his story, we decided to do further research and put together some projects about him. You can look at some of them here. 

Knitting Project

We started knitting a few months ago. Hardly any of the class had knitted before so it was a great challenge! Some adults came in to help on Friday mornings. We knitted a blanket for Mrs. O’ Donnell’s new baby. She was really surprised and liked it a lot and said that baby Sam likes it too! We hope it keeps him warm in winter!

Our School Tour

For our school tour this year, we went to Tralee. We went on a bus. It took us a long time to get there but we finally arrived. The first thing we did was visit the Kerry county museum. It was great. There was a Tom Crean room there and Iwegot to try on the clothes that he would have worn on his expeditions to the Antarctic. We also went back in time to life in medieval Tralee. We also did an archaeological dig and found some rather strange things below the dirt! We also got to sign the visitor’s book.

After that, we had our lunch in the park and went to a playground. Then we got back on the bus and went to the Aqua Dome. That was great fun! We went on lots of slides and then all of our class went into the hot tub. Then it was time to go so we got changed and went to McDonalds. Then we came home very tired! It was a brilliant day!


St. Fin Barre’s Cathedral

One of the highlights of the school year was going to visit St Fin Barre’s Cathedral. Miss Cullen and Mrs. O’ Donnell brought us. We went on the bus. We had being doing a lot about St Fin Barre in class and we also did group projects so we knew a lot before we even went! We had a tour guide called Cornelia. She was really nice. The story of the golden angel is very interesting. It is said that if the angel blows her horns, the world will end. The golden angel’s horns were stolen once but they were returned. William Burgess was the architect who designed St Fin Barre’s Cathedral.


Blackrock Observatory

The Blackrock Observatory came to our school on June 13th. It was really cool! They showed us how you can spot planets and stars at particular hours of the day and explained all about the moon and the sun. After the while, we were shown a film. It was about the future! There was a man and his grandchildren and they lived on the moon. They were watching an eclipse on earth. Every place the shadow went; the granddad had a story about it. I really enjoyed it!

Sciath na Scol Final

This year, the boy’s team and the girl’s team got through to the Sciath na Scol final. We had to dress up in red and green and all classes from 1st – 6th travelled by bus to see the teams play. Also anyone who played the bodhrán had to bring it with them and play it while we were chanting in the stands. They boys out up a great fight but unfortunately lost by 1 point in the end. The girls won! Both teams did us proud and I can’t wait until I can join the Sciath na Scol team! Hopefully we will do as well next year!

Shared Reading with Senior Infants

For the past month or so, we have been doing shared reading with senior infants. Everyone in our class has a reading partner and half of the class go into Miss Fenton’s room and half of senior infants come into our room. They read while we listen to them and help them out if they get stuck. We also ask them questions about what they’ve read and sometimes just ask them questions about themselves. We really enjoy it!

Paired Reading  

Our School Tour to Tralee.

A patchwork blanket we knitted for baby Sam.                            

In Tom Crean's footsteps!                                                       

St. Fin Barre's Project                                 

Ag seinm "Oró sé do Bheatha Abhaile"                                           



Supporting the Rebels!                                  

Enjoying 'Red Day'             

Hello everyone!

It’s hard to believe that our first term is nearly over!

Here are a few highlights of our activities since our last update:


This term we went swimming to Leisureworld in Bishopstown. It was great fun! We went every Monday on the bus. The lessons were really good and the instructors always gave us playtime in the pool at the end of each lesson. We’ll miss swimming next term but we have games and Irish céilí dancing to look forward to next term!


We love doing art and Miss Cullen does art with us every Monday morning! We really like doing it at this time because we look forward to coming in! We made Venetian masks recently. They were really cool! We also made picture frames from lollipop sticks and displayed them with our own pictures in them. We made clay pots as well. They looked really good when we had painted and varnished them! Miss Cullen said we could keep them on our desk and use them for putting our pencil shavings into so it’ll save us going to the bin each time!

Science Week 2010

We loved science week this year! We did lots of experiments and learned a lot. For example we learned that oil and water do not mix and that water evaporates. We also made a chemical reaction with vinegar and baking soda. This was great fun because one of our science groups poured in a lot of vinegar and it spilled over the bowl. It was really funny!

Class Mass

We did a special remembrance mass in November for everyone who had passed away. It was a lovely mass and some of our class spoke about their grandparents and told stories about them. We also sang hymns and played music. Our teacher said we were brilliant!

Slán le Mr. Bohane agus Noreen!

We waved goodbye to our Deputy Principal Mr. Bohane this term. We were very sad to see him go. He was our 3rd class teacher so we got to know him very well last year! We also waved goodbye to Noreen, our school secretary, who had been here since we arrived in Junior Infants.

We had a special mass to give thanks to Mr. Bohane and Noreen. We practised the songs and readings a lot so that the mass would be perfect for them and it was! They were really happy with the mass and really proud of us for making it special. Best of luck, Mr. Bohane and Noreen and make sure to come back and visit us from time to time so you don’t forget us!!!

Do you recognise who is in this photo!!?
Food colouring mixes with water but oil doesn't!        
Causing a chemical reaction!
My photo frame
Pouring in the oil!
Oil and water do not mix!

Our Scientists!                                                         
A communion day picture in the photo frame    

Some of our clay pots                                 







 Rinneamar Crosóga Bhríde.

Inch by inch and row by row....

We're learning how to knit this term. It's quite a difficult skill but it's really fun

to create something colourful and we're looking forward to getting faster as time goes on.






Hello everyone!

Welcome to the 4th class page!

As you can see from our class photo, there are 30 pupils in our class.

Our teacher is Ms. Cullen.

We are settled back to school after a great summer and

are looking forward to an exciting year ahead!

We love PE, Art & Music but we also work hard at our other subjects!




Here we are!