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  Junior Infants 2012-2013 | Teacher : Ms Cullen


  Hello Everyone!!

        Welcome to Our Page!

This is our Junior Infant class in Ballinora NS. We have had great fun since we started school in September! There are 40 of us altogether. Some of us are in Ms Cullen's room and some of us are in Ms Young's room. We play together everyday at playtime in our classrooms and at every break in the yard. We are great friends!

Our Rules of Play are:

We Share

We Take Turns

We Let Everyone Play


Here are some photos of our first day at school!




Our Daily Playtime








  We were Firefighters!


Phonics Fridays!

Every Friday all the junior infants come together and play phonics games. Some boys and girls from 4th class help us. Here are some photos:






We got to help make the bookworm for the readathon!




 Halloween Dress-up Day!!






 Waiting patiently for the readathon draw!

We had a very special treat on Friday when a Jazz Band from Berlin came to visit us! We all went down to the halla to hear them play. We listened and we danced! it was great fun! Here are some photos...






 Surgeons, doctors and nurses at work!



This is our friend Wiser the Owl. He knows a lot! He looks after us in school and makes sure we are doing our best work and that we are sharing and being kind to one another.  

Every weekend someone in our class gets to take him on an adventure. We take pictures and write about our adventures. 


Dr. Suzanne visited us and told us all about how we can stop germs from spreading so we don't get sick. She taught us how to cough and sneeze properly and how it important it is to wash your hands!


Dr. Suzanne even showed us how to use some of the things in her doctor's bag!

Chefs under pressure at Speedy Pizza!  

More to come. Please check back soon...