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Our "SMART" Board Fundraising Campaign

You may be familiar with Interactive Whiteboards, also known as “SMART” boards. Indeed, many schools have already been equipped with this technology. For the majority, however, these boards represent unfamiliar territory and with this reality in mind, we have provided some relevant information, below.

What is an Interactive Whiteboard?

An IWB is a large interactive display that connects to a computer and projector. The computer’s desktop is projected onto the board’s surface, where users control the computer using a pen or finger.




Why Invest In Interactive Whiteboards?

Interactive whiteboards have been described as “the most dynamic and exciting technology to arrive in Irish Schools in the last twenty years”. In short, this technology allows teachers to exploit the infinite resources of the internet with quality educational software. The resultant learning opportunities are presented in a manner which is highly engaging and attractive for children.

Many schools in Ireland and further afield have embraced this technology. The government in the U.K. has equipped all classrooms with such boards. Having researched and piloted the technology in two classes in Scoil Bhailenóra since September, we have concluded that these “SMART” boards offer genuine advantages to our pupils and result in improved learning opportunities.

We intend to equip each of the 11 classrooms in our school with a “SMART” board.



Each board costs a total of €4,000 to supply and install. While the raising of a total sum of €44k poses a significant challenge to us, our Parents’ Association, Board of Management and staff are all agreed that this initiative is worthwhile and will greatly benefit your children. Thus, we have drawn up a strategy to help raise the required funds.

Our Strategy

Phase 1 of our campaign aims to source approx. half of the required figure by seeking support from the following:

1. Local businesses

2. Companies engaged in business with the school

3. Businesses connected with parents/friends of the school

Our approaches to local businesses and companies that do business with the school have yielded a good measure of funding to date, which is targeted to fund half of the overall cost. We will continue this work in the hope that more will be forthcoming.


We are now seeking the support of businesses connected with parents/friends of the school. If you own or are employed by such a business, we earnestly ask that you consider helping the school. Your help would greatly assist the children of Scoil Bhailenóra. Please contact the Principal at 021-4871664, who will be happy to discuss any requests or queries you may have.

Phase two began with an invitation to parents to view a demonstration of how our existing boards are benefitting children. Following this, we invite all families in the school to commit to making a small contribution of €10 per month, for one year, in order to cover the cost of the remainder.

We appeal to all to support this worthy initiative, in the best interests of páistí Bhailenóra and will keep you abreast of progress on a regular basis.